Markus Peetzen

Software Engineering

STHLM 2018
About me
Time flies Stockholm Sweden
Stockholm Sweden

It is already September! Time flies. Eight months of intense work, new experiences and many solved challenges are behind me now. I got to know and work with so many talented colleagues from all around the world. It's great fun!

In the remaining free time I tried to spend a lot of time in the parks of Stockholm and the endless nature of southern Sweden. This summer was incredibly warm and the water temperature in the Baltic Sea quite pleasant. And it is not over yet! If you have never been to the Stockholm Archipelago, now is about time to change that! Sailing and camping on one of the small uninhabited islands is probably the best you can do here.

If you love outdoor activities, it will be hard, if not impossible, to find a place where you have more opportunities: Climbing, running, hiking, camping, (mountain) biking, kayaking, sailing, skiing, ice-skating, sunbathing, … and mushrooming - all within Stockholm!

New Year Stockholm Sweden
Stockholm Sweden

2018 has started! Days are finally getting longer again, but with degrees around 0°C I am still waiting for the first snow of the new year here in Stockholm. According to the weather forecast for this week I do not have to wait that much longer... Time to get ready for a first ski and snowboarding trip to Romme Alpin.

Meanwhile, I spent a great New Year's Eve with a couple of friends in the countryside in the Norrtälje area. Our small cabin with a lovely fireside and a wood-heated tub outside was just perfect. Since December I have a membership card for the Klättercentret climbing gyms here in the Stockholm area and I am using it quite extensively.

After several exciting months off from work it is finally time to get ready for a new job.

Newcomer Stockholm Sweden
Stockholm Sweden

I am a software engineer with great passion for what I am doing. Designing and implementing software is a creative process to me, closely related to art and craftsmanship. I love spending my free time travelling around and experiencing something new. I have a passion for rock climbing and try to connect my hobby with my trips. That got me to some of the most scenic places on earth.

In summer 2017 I finished my job contract back in Germany and moved to Sweden. After a short stay on the beautiful island Lidingö I moved to Vasastan in central Stockholm. The first intense weeks of learning Swedish are behind me and I got to know two of the seemingly most important words: fika and lagom. Nowadays I spend my time exploring this buzzing city and the Swedish countryside.

After it has been very quiet around my website in the last years, I finally have time to recreate it from scratch. You can find me working on it in one of the many cozy cafés here in Stockholm.

Software Engineer Klarna Bank AB Stockholm Sweden
since 01/2018
Klarna Bank AB Stockholm Sweden
Stockholm Sweden

After an intense six months break, I started working as an engineer for Klarna in January 2018. I am working on improving the current purchase experience for all the customers out there. My workplace is the super hip headquarter located within the city center of Stockholm. Some impressions can be found at Life at Klarna on Instagram.

Klarna Bank AB or better known as Klarna is a leading fintech company for online payment solutions. The main focus are European markets, including the Nordics and Germany. With more than 1600 employees, most of them located in the headquarter in Stockholm, it is a major tech company. SOFORT a well-known brand in Germany is also part of Klarna since 2013.

Software Engineer Fiducia & GAD IT AG Münster Germany
04/2010 – 07/2017
Fiducia & GAD IT AG Münster Germany
Münster Germany

I spent seven years at Fiducia & GAD IT AG and its former GAD eG as a software engineer for core frameworks and business applications in various large and small projects. Defining the architecture of complex solutions and implementing robust, high quality solutions for a security sensitive environment was my daily job. Improving and redefining existing development processes was another constant goal.

Fiducia & GAD IT AG is a leading company for banking IT services and software solutions with focus on the German market. Among the German customers are all Volksbanken und Raiffeisenbanken and numerous private banks. With more than 4,000 employees it is one of the major IT companies in Germany. It operates its own core banking application agree21.

University Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster Germany
10/2005 – 04/2010
Münster Germany

After my time at high school and one year of social work I studied computer science with an extensive mathematical background. Time went by in a flash and I successfully finished university with a diploma, the German precursor of a Master of Science graduation.

Tech Talk

I spend quite some time at computer related tasks. Some of my work and researches might also be of interests for others. The topics, I think are worth sharing, will be listed here.

World Insights

I love to travel, meet people with different backgrounds and to experience new cultures. Here is a selection of galleries with impressions from some of my latest trips.

I am going to update the most current galleries from Sweden from time to time and I intend to add new ones from my previous trips. It takes more time than you expect to pick just a few photos from the bulk.